Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.

Mark 16:15


Our mission is simple.  

We wish to proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.  And we have chosen to focus that work on those that have not heard it before as taught in the Bible.  Many of us have been there, and had no idea what we were missing!

As we promote a personal relationship with Christ, we offer an opportunity for you to develop other personal relationships with people that have similar backgrounds and experiences.  People that can help teach what the Bible teaches, people that can lend a sympathetic ear, or a helping hand.  Someone to pray with you, and for you.  Fellowship is a central part of Christianity.  Too many people leave Mormonism along with the fellowship offered by that community, and as a result, they leave God altogether.  Please don't be one of them!  What good would it do if we helped every member of the Mormon church see that it is a false religion, and have them leave it, unless at the same time we help lead them to salvation in Christ?  None!

We want to go out and find His sheep and help bring them into His fold, into saving faith in Jesus, and into the fellowship it provides.  All it takes is an email, or a phone call, or a text message.  Just take the first step, and you won't need to take another one alone.

And this is his command: to believe in the name of his Son, Jesus Christ, and to love one another as he commanded us.

John 6:29

So how exactly do we carry out this mission?

Here are some of the things we stand ready to do for you.

  • Answer questions and address concerns or doubts you have about Mormonism
  • Answer questions and address concerns or doubts you have about Christianity
  • Find someone in your area that you can talk to or meet with to discuss your walk with Jesus
  • Pray with you, or for you
  • Supply you with a free Bible
  • Help you find a local Bible study group that you can join
  • Help you find a local congregation with which you can worship, fellowship, and serve
  • Help you find resources to help in your transition from Mormonism, or your journey into Christianity
  • Just be there for you in any way that we can